Plant of the Month: Stylidium Raptor Pink

The Plant of the Month for July is the Stylidium Raptor. This is a tufting Australian native broad leaf grass with an upright habit that grows 40-50cm. It has deep pink flowers held above the foliage from Spring through to Summer. This cute little grass is drought tolerant and will tolerate light frost once established. This plant suits a coastal situation, does well in a rock garden or as a container plant and will grow in a wide range of soils. The Stylidium is attractive to pollinator species and has an unusual way of dispersing pollen. The flower has a cocked trigger that springs upwards when an insect visits the flower and dumps pollen on the back of the insect’s head so when it visits another plant it will pollinate that plant. Even though this plant is classed as an evergreen it can occasionally die off and disappear into the ground but just leave it alone and it will come back.