Plant of the Month: Boronia megastigma

Our Plant of the Month for August is the Boronia megastigma commonly known as Brown Boronia or Sweet Scented Boronia. This plant is endemic to Western Australia growing in areas from Perth through to Albany. Brown Boronia is a small growing shrub which grows to just under 1 metre high. It has small scented leaves with beautifully perfumed cup shaped brown and yellow flowers in Spring.  Brown Boronia is best grown in cool moist well drained soil doing best in dappled shade and away from hot drying winds. It can be relatively short lived if the root zone dries out so it is beneficial to keep the soil moist with mulch. It will grow in a pot where it may be easier to control the growing conditions. It is a worthy addition to your garden even if just for a short time. It is widely used in the cut flower industry.