Plant of the Month: Verticordia x Chamelaucium ‘Susie’

Our Plant of the Month for October is Verticordia x Chamelaucium ‘Susie. This is a very attractive small shrub which grows 1m x 1m. It has small pink flowers in late Spring through to Summer. It grows best in a well drained sunny position, sandy soil, is drought tolerant when established, is moderately frost hardy and is very popular as a cut flower.

Plant of the Month: Grevillea johnsonii

Our Plant of the Month for September is Grevillea Johnsonii. Grevillea johnsonii is a medium-tall bushy shrub with deeply divided dark green leaves. In Spring a profusion of pinkish-red flowers making this Grevillea irresistible to nectar feeding birds. Ideal for screening or as a informal hedge. 2-4.5 metres high x 2-4 metres wide. Grows best in a full sun position.

Plant of the Month: Anigozanthos ‘Bush Inferno’

Our plant of the month for August is Anigozanthos ‘Bush Inferno’. Bush Inferno produces masses of bright red flowers over a long period on a naturally compact and bushy plant. This a relatively tough kangaroo paw is suitable as a patio feature plant or for a dramatic display plant in multiples in a well drained sunny position in the garden. Drought tolerant, cut flower, full sun, light frost tolerance, bird attracting, 60cm high x 45cm wide.

Plant of the Month: Banksia ericifolia

Our Plant of the Month for July is Banksia ericifolia. Banksia ericifolia is an upright Australian native shrub with large golden/orange bottlebrush like flower spikes, which are irresistible to many species of birds. The large vigorous habit makes this an ideal shrub for native plantings, screening and coastal gardens. Suitable for full sun or part shade position. 3-4 metres high. Tolerate s coastal conditions, frost and drought once established.

Plant of the Month: Philotheca myoporoides

Our Plant of the Month for May is Philotheca myoporoides. Philotheca is a hardy compact shrub to 2m. It has a profusion of white star shaped flowers in Winter and most of Spring. Can be used for cut flowers.

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