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Plant of the Month: Delosperma Suntropics

Our Plant of the Month for May is the  Delosperma Suntropics. We have Copper and Yellow varieties. This Trailing Ice Plant is a very hardy groundcover and will tolerate the toughest of conditions including dry, sandy and rocky soils. The Delospermas  have thick evergreen succulent foliage and put on a vibrant display of flowers  from Spring through to Autumn. They are serious sun lovers and will attract bees and butterflies to your garden. They do not like soggy soil.

Plant of the Month: Correa Pink Mist

Our Plant of the Month for April is the Correa Pink Mist. This pretty Correa is a very compact bushy shrub with small thick dark green leaves. Beautiful shell pink tubular  blooms appear  during May to July attracting nectar feeding birds. It does equally well in sandy or clay soils, coastal or inland positions, sun or part shade positions making it extremely versatile in your garden. It can be used as an informal hedge or low screen, grown in pots or containers and looks great in mixed plantings. It grows 80cm high x 1 metre wide.

Plant of the Month: Grevillea Green Carpet

Our Plant of the Month for March is the Grevillea Green Carpet which is a prostrate evergreen dense groundcover which grows to 30cm high by 2 metres wide. This very hardy plant has soft silver-green foliage and a profusion of cream-white flowers in Spring. It is great used on embankments, in rockeries, as a weed suppressant and for planting under trees. It prefers to grow in a sunny spot with well drained soil but it does tolerate partial shade. Grevillea Green Carpet does well in coastal conditions including salt spray, light frost and dry spells. Water it well after planting until established and trim after flowering to keep it looking good in your garden.

Plant of the Month: Thryptomene saxicola FC Payne

Our Plant of the Month for February is the Thryptomene saxicola FC Payne. This small and hardy shrub grows to 1 metre high by 1 metre wide. It has an upright habit with slightly arching branches and is covered with very fine green foliage and masses of dainty pink fragrant flowers through Winter and Spring. This plant prefers well drained soil and will grow in full sun or part shade. Thryptomene FC Payne is drought resistant and will tolerate frost. These plants will suit any type of garden including coastal and cottage gardens and look great mass planted as a border. Thryptomene FC Payne will attract bees and butterflies and other beneficial insects and is a very low maintenance addition to your garden.

Plant of the Month: Grevillea Knockout

Our Plant of the Month for January is the Grevillea Knockout. Grevillea Knockout is a small cultivar Grevillea with a compact habit  with bright red and yellow flowers in Winter and Spring. It can grow to around 1 metre by 1 metre and is a very low maintenance plant that is suitable for the garden or as a container plant. It will tolerate drought and frost and is very attractive to butterflies and nectar eating birds.