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Plant of the Month: Leptospermum rubrum nana

Our Plant of the Month for May is the stunning Leptospermum rubrum nana or Dwarf Red Tea Tree.

This is a compact growing shrub with fine slender dark burgundy foliage and an abundance of small hot pink tea tree flowers in Winter and Spring. This plant looks great in native gardens and will give you year round colour. You can grow in pots, as a single specimen or it will also look great as a low care border or hedge plant. Once established the Dwarf Red Tea Tree will require very little maintenance. it grows well in full sun to part shade, tolerates light frost and is drought resistant. Leptospermum rubrum nana will grow 1 metre x 1 metre.

Plant of the Month:Grevillea Molly

Our Plant of the Month for March is the stunning Grevillea Molly which is a spreading medium sized shrub growing 1-2 metres high and wide. Grevillea Molly produces flowers for most of the year but mostly in Autumn through to Spring with large pinkish dark red flowers among deeply lobed leaves. Grevillea Molly suits a low maintenance or coastal garden as it can be quite drought resistant once established and will look great in your garden as a feature plant or as a screen or informal hedge. It will tolerate light frost and attracts bees, nectar feeding birds, butterflies and other insects. It requires an open position with moist, well drained soil and benefits from a prune after it’s main flowering and feed with a slow release native fertiliser.

Plant of the Month:Casuarina Cousin It

Our Plant of the Month for February is the Casuarina Cousin It which is an unusual and extremely tough native groundcover that has mid to dark green narrow leafless stems. Casuarina Cousin It  reaches a height of 30cm and a width of 1.5m. Cousin It has a cascading spreading habit that makes it perfect for harsh  growing conditions where it can effectively grow over unsightly pipes, stumps or other ground obstacles  with style. Casuarina Cousin It is adaptable to most soil types  and prefers a full sun position. Cousin It is ideal for pots or in the garden and provides good weed suppression.   It responds well to extra moisture and native fertiliser  but will also tolerate dry conditions. Cousin It would be a great choice for a coastal garden and is both light frost and drought tolerant. A light prune will keep the plant looking tidy. If planted in the ground then little to no irrigation will be needed  after the initial establishment period.  

Plant of the Month: Pandorea Wonga Gold Sunset

Our Plant of the Month for December is the Pandorea Wonga Gold Sunset which is a dense climber with glossy divided foliage and large sprays of multi coloured flowers through Spring and Summer. It is perfect for small areas of wall or fence and is easily contained on a pergola or verandah posts in full sun to part shade. The Pandoreas have moderate tolerance to frost and will be a great addition to your garden to attract butterflies and birds. The Pandorea Wonga Gold Sunset suits a cool temperate or tropical and semi arid climates in well drained clay loams or sandy soils with neutral to low acid PH. Trim after flowering to keep looking good and feed with low phosphorous native fertiliser.

Plant of the Month: Anigozanthos Bush Inferno

Our Plant of the Month for September is the Anigozanthos Bush Inferno which is a compact medium sized variety of Kangaroo Paw which grows to 60cm high by 50cm wide and forms a good sized clump. It has bold red larger flowers mainly in Spring and Summer with spot flowering occurring at other times of the year. This beautiful red Kangaroo Paw attracts birds, bees and butterflies to your garden and is very good for cut flowers in a vase. It does well growing in pots and makes a great show. Feed them with a well balanced native fertiliser before flowering and then again after removing dead flowers and leaves to encourage new growth and buds. These stunning Paws grow well in sandy, loamy or sandy loam soils which keeps moist and has moderate drainage.