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Plant of the Month: Thryptomene saxicola FC Payne

Our Plant of the Month for February is the Thryptomene saxicola FC Payne. This small and hardy shrub grows to 1 metre high by 1 metre wide. It has an upright habit with slightly arching branches and is covered with very fine green foliage and masses of dainty pink fragrant flowers through Winter and Spring. This plant prefers well drained soil and will grow in full sun or part shade. Thryptomene FC Payne is drought resistant and will tolerate frost. These plants will suit any type of garden including coastal and cottage gardens and look great mass planted as a border. Thryptomene FC Payne will attract bees and butterflies and other beneficial insects and is a very low maintenance addition to your garden.

Plant of the Month: Grevillea Knockout

Our Plant of the Month for January is the Grevillea Knockout. Grevillea Knockout is a small cultivar Grevillea with a compact habit  with bright red and yellow flowers in Winter and Spring. It can grow to around 1 metre by 1 metre and is a very low maintenance plant that is suitable for the garden or as a container plant. It will tolerate drought and frost and is very attractive to butterflies and nectar eating birds.

Plant of the Month: Felicia Little Sapphire

The Plant of the Month for December is the Felicia amelloides Little Sapphire which  is a  small bushy shrub growing to 50cm with showy blue daisy like flowers with a yellow centre. They are fast growing and easy to grow in well drained soil and full sun. Felicia Little Sapphire make an eye catching display in rockeries, pots, borders and flower beds as they flower for most of the year  and need very little maintenance. You can trim to keep tidy. They will tolerate seaside conditions but will need a moderate watering in hot weather. The Felicia are very attractive to bees and butterflies.

Plant of the Month: Anigozanthos Bush Dance

Our Plant of the Month for November is the Anigozanthos Bush Dance. This bird attracting native grows 60cm high by 45 cm wide and looks like a smaller version of the Anigozanthos manglesii. It has bright red and emerald green flowers on red stems with pale green foliage. Bush Dance has prolific flowers year round and looks great in pots, in the garden or as a cut flower. They will grow well in a sunny spot  in well drained soil. This plant will tolerate heat and light frost.


Plant of the Month: Philotheca myoporoides

Our Plant of the Month for September is Philotheca myoporoides. This is a hardy compact shrub growing 2 metres tall with slender blue green scented foliage. Pale pink buds open to white star shaped flowers. Ideal for an informal hedge planted under trees. Grow in a sunny to partially shaded position in moist well drained soil.