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Plant of the Month: Grevillea Allyn Glory

Our Plant of the Month for March is the Grevillea Allyn Glory. This is a dense shrubby Grevillea which grows 1.5 metres tall x 1 metre wide and has a long flowering season with bright red spidery flowers. It is a very wise selection for your garden as it is frost and drought hardy once established so needs very little care. It is best grown in full sun and in well drained soil.

Plant of the Month: Banksia menziesii dwarf

Our Plant of the Month for February is the Banksia menziesii dwarf commonly known as  Dwarf Firewood Banksia. This small showy Banksia has thick woolly branches and serrated dark green leaves. It produces a profusion of stunning pink/red flowers during Autumn and Winter. The Banksia menziesii dwarf makes a spectacular show in your garden and is suitable for shrubberies,  for use as a small windbreak and is great for cut flowers and floristry. It grows well in a sunny position in well drained soil and will tolerate drier conditions and light frost. The flowers will attract nectar feeding birds to your garden.

Plant of the Month: Limonium Pink

Our Plant of the Month for January is the Limonium Pink or Limonium roseum. It is a low growing evergreen shrub  growing 60cm x 60cm and has large green leaves. In the warmer parts of the year it produces flat topped sprays of bright pink flowers.  Limonium Pink makes a lovely cut flower and will thrive in full sun to  part shade and grows in most soil types. The Limonium roseum  will tolerate frost which makes it  a hardy addition to any garden.

Plant of the Month: Thryptomene baeckeacea

Our Plant of the Month for December is the Thryptomene baeckeacea which is a small shrub endemic to Western Australia. It has a low sprawling habit, growing between 20cm and 1 metre high  with masses of small and dainty white, pink or purple flowers between May and October. They suit a wide range of soil types and grow in sun or part shade. They are happy in coastal gardens, tolerate lime and light frost and are drought hardy. They can be used as an informal low hedge and look spectacular when mass planted.

Plant of the Month: Euonymus Tom Thumb

Our Plant of the Month for November  is the Euonymus japonicus Tom Thumb. This is a fast growing but compact hedging plant with deep green foliage. This cute little plant grows 80cm high by 30cm wide and works well as a border or edging plant in any cottage or formal garden. It has pale green flowers in late Summer around February to March and looks similar to a Buxus. Like all good hedging plants it should be planted in well prepared soil, have regular watering and should be fed and clipped at regular intervals to encourage fresh new growth. Plant in part shade or full sun. It will tolerate moderate frost. For those wanting a small hedge you can’t go past this beauty.