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Plant of the Month: Phormium Purple Haze

***Plant of the Month ***

Our Plant of the Month for March is the Phormium Purple Haze. The Phormium Purple Haze has a rich purple semi weeping foliage and will grow to a height of 1.2 metres and width to 1.5 metres. This small clumping New Zealand Flax is great in modern gardens and is extremely  hardy in coastal areas, will tolerate frost and high winds.  Whether you want to plant it in a pot or en masse or as an informal border it will add a stunning look to your garden. It prefers well drained soil in either full sun or part shade and has very low water requirements once established. To keep this Phormium looking it’s best you can remove old foliage and feed it with a slow release fertiliser once a year.

Plant of the Month: Grevillea Green Carpet

***Plant of the Month***

The Plant of the Month for January is Grevillea Green Carpet. Grevillea Green Carpet is a dense spreading Grevillea with soft silver green foliage and masses of white flowers in Spring. It is an ideal groundcover for rockeries, embankments and planting under deciduous trees. It prefers full sun, well drained soil and tolerates coastal conditions including salt spray, light frost and is drought hardy.
Grevillea Green Carpet is very low maintenance and will benefit from a light prune after flowering. It grows to a height of 30cm and spread of 2 metres wide.

Plant of the Month: Adenanthos cuneata

The Plant of the Month for December is Adenanthos cuneata (Coastal Jug Flower). Adenanthos cuneata is a small shrub with stunning new bronze red  growth  that will add colour into the garden throughout the year. During spring small purple flowers appear encouraging birds into the garden. 1m x 1.5m. Full sun/part shade. Tolerates coastal conditions and light frost. Prune after flowering to maintain compact growth. Native to the South West and Great Southern regions of Western Australia.

Plant of the Month: Callistemon ‘Firebrand’

Our Plant of the Month for November is Callistemon ‘Firebrand’. Callistemon ‘Firebrand’ is a low spreading groundcover with brilliant scarlet bottlebrush flowers in spring, autumn and summer. Great for planting on steep banks, in rockeries, median strips, verges and is effective as a low hedge. Hardy is a range of soils including dry or moist sand and clay.
Full sun or part shade, 50cm-80cm high x 2m-3m wide, bird attracting, frost tolerant, suitable for second line coastal planting.

Plant of the Month: Verticordia x Chamelaucium ‘Susie’

Our Plant of the Month for October is Verticordia x Chamelaucium ‘Susie. This is a very attractive small shrub which grows 1m x 1m. It has small pink flowers in late Spring through to Summer. It grows best in a well drained sunny position, sandy soil, is drought tolerant when established, is moderately frost hardy and is very popular as a cut flower.