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Plant of the Month: Pimelea Pink Solitaire

Our plant of the month for September is Pimelea Pink Solitaire. Pink Solitaire is a spectacular miniature shrub featuring a very compact habit and magenta pink flowers. This drought tolerant native plant fills large patio pots with bright green glossy foliage and gorgeous pink pom pom blooms that flower from the end of each shoot in spring. Ideal for gardens, border plantings, rockeries and containers. 60cm x 50cm, full sun, light frost tolerant, drought tolerant, tolerates coastal conditions, attracts butterflies.

Plant of the Month: Anigozanthos Big Red

Our plant of the month for August is Anigozanthos ‘Big Red’. Anigozanthos ‘Big Red’ is a vigorous Kangaroo Paw, which produces a profusion of red velvety flowers from spring through to autumn. The strong architectural features of the Kangaroo Paw with its dramatic, colourful flowers rising above neat clumps of strappy green leaves make this Australian perennial plant a must have for the modern garden. The flowers attract nectar feeding birds and are a valuable cut flower. Perfectly suited for container growing or mass planted in the garden for a stunning display. Prune flower stems back to ground level after flowering. Full sun, 1m high x 1metre wide.


Plant of the Month: Grevillea Bonnie Prince Charlie

Our Plant of the Month for July is Grevillea Bonnie Prince Charlie. Bonnie Prince Charlie is a small compact free-flowering shrub with brilliant waxy red and gold flowers from winter to spring. Excellent bird habitat when mass planted. Perfect for low hedging and spectacular in decorative pots. Full sun or part shade, frost tolerant, 60cm x 60cm-1m.


Plant of the Month: Disphyllum Sunpeach

Our plant of the month for June is Disphyllum Sunpeach. Sunpeach produces peachy/pink flowers in profusion with bottle green fleshy foliage. It grows well in soils of questionable quality and flowers almost all year round. Sunpeach will suit garden and container planting including vertical gardens and has a neat spreading/cascading habit. Full sun/part shade, heat tolerant, drought tolerant, light frost tolerant, 1.5 metres wide.

Plant of the Month: Spathiphyllum ‘Sweet Dario’

Our plant of the month for April is Spathiphyllum ‘Sweet Dario’. Sweet Dario has bright white flowers contrasted against deep green foliage. This makes it a great addition to indoor areas and contributes to indoor air quality. Height to 50cm.